A mother's love can never be measured,
her warmth is such a wonderful treasure.
Into this lost and dying world was I born,
greater love has no woman ever shown.

My mother's heart loves without condition,
her love has given me perfect nutrition.
She's been God's greatest gift to my life,
I'm so grateful for her, that I am alive.

A mother's love knows heavenly kindness,
for her virtue and grace are full of richness.
With love she has so carefully nurtured me,
while preparing me to face life, not sparingly.

My mother's children have always been her first priority,
through devotion and love while displaying her authority.
This godly woman that God had pre-ordained into my life,
has protected me through this world infested with strife.
God's Gladiator, Dr. Michael A. Bonilla with his precious mother, Carmen
during her wedding celebration in Puerto Rico, on November 13, 2004
Excerpt from page 3...
This poem is dedicated to my dear mother Carmen.  Mom, has always been there for me,
she may not have always understood some things pertaining with what God was doing in
my life, but she was always there for me. And I have learned, as I grown and matured in
life,  that a mother's  love "specially from my Mom" can never be equaled nor duplicated
by not one person in this world. So I continue to live knowing, that through the good and
the bad times,  Mom,  will always be there,  not to carry her son,  but if needed,  to hear
those soft and kind words, when she whispers in my ear... and says... I love you my son!
Dr. Michael A. Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author