Success does not come from a single idea,  lucky  break or a
brilliant strategy. Each one of these advantages does not last
forever.  No,  the  foundation  of  a great work is more closely
associated  with  the  authors  attributes.    These   attributes
found in my friend Michael Bonilla,  were  active  long  before
this book of  poetry was written.  You will discover as  I  have,
that  the  ultimate  success  of  this  book had little to do with
strategy,  luck or a great idea.   Michael willingly exposes his
inner man without trace of masquerade.   Dr. Michael Bonilla
receives   acclaim   as   a   dedicated   archaeologist.    His
ruggedness  working  with  his  gentleness  illuminates  an
attribute known as balance.

I  ask,  “Why would an archaeologist write a book on poetry?”
I  found  the  answer  written  on the pages of this book.  The
purpose of this book offered value and endurance. The value
of life and the enduring purpose of it are on every page. The
poems will challenge you just as I have been challenged and
I am thankful of it.  The values originate from deep within the
man. The authentic soul searching truths which Michael holds
so  dearly  are  expressed  in  rhyme.   Most   important,   the
anthology of poems will provide inspiration and even answers
to some of life’s questions. Spiritual truths are found on every

If the authors intent to stimulate the reader to a higher value
and purpose of life, then he has succeeded.  I  sense  within
the man and his words,  an  unceasing  drive  and  desire to
bring about change in us and himself.  There  is  a  spiritual
world out there which needs to be explored.  As you search
for it, many roadblocks will appear.  To overcome obstacles,
would be gain. The poems will help in guiding us through the
enemies mine fields. It can be accomplished if we’re willing to
change; especially in our thought process.  Relax! Enjoy the
unique style and  flexibility  of  words,  while  Michael  spans
generations through time.

The very act of writing these poems demonstrates Michael
Bonilla’s desire to share his wisdom.
I  feel  many  will  prosper due to the passion released in
this work. Be prepared for change, especially in areas of
your life which you felt were fixed forever. To that I would
say, “don’t be afraid of change.” I have discovered it is a
rare  ability  to  change  while  maintaining continuity with
time.  Here is the product of what a man can deliver after
connecting  the  natural  with  the  supernatural.   It  may
appear  that  we  have  in  Michael  Bonilla,  a  man  who
vacillates from delicate inspiration to bitter condemnation.
This is no easy task;  be  prepared  to  be  shaken  from
slumber.  I can’t  deny that some poems are unorthodox
but truly beautiful. There will be moments when what you
read will be soothing to the spirit.  He  also  writes with a
scorch pen.

Open your understanding concerning  warfare  between
the  spiritual  and  natural  worlds  which  surround us.  I
appreciate  the  art  form  expressed  in  Michael’s book.
Symbolism combined with faith inspired poetry is a major
contribution in this book.

Repeatedly  a  common  message  is  carried in various
ways.  What is that message?  In a nutshell,  this  is the
message,  “If human relationships are wrong,  no  other
factor  of  life  can  really  matter.”   If  love  departs and
friendships wither, in what way can man coexist?  There
are  many warnings here.  However,  he  is not preachy;
nor  does  he  give  the  appearance of being a specific
crusade.   Every   thought   is   conveyed   clearly   and
completely.  I  was  thrilled  by   the many times Michael
speaks of the ugly and the beautiful.  It  may be pointed
out that Mr. Bonilla combines vivid perception of spiritual
reality with an exquisite collection of devotional poetry. I   
sensed  at  times,  the emotions expressed were almost
too large for words. Yet, they have been written and we
will treasure them. Thank you, Michael.

Our friendship is my blessing.
                                       Jack Hashim, 2004
*** A heartfelt note from Dr. Michael A. Bonilla...

The foreword that my friend and Elder Jack Hashim wrote,  literally  laid the foundation to this anthology of poems that  I  wrote under
divine inspiration by the Holy Spirit.  Brother Hashim's words written above were also divinely inspired by the  Holy  Spirit.  I  truly  feel
that the greater anointing from the book that I wrote derives mainly from the foreword. Jack, our friendship is priceless and I just want
to thank you so much for your encouraging words and thoughts.  I  have  always  stated  that  the  foreword  is  what turned a decent
poetry book:
DISCOVERING BIBLICAL TRUTH, UNCOVERING GOD'S FAITH,  to an awesome and anointed poetry book!