Brother Greg Yackley

Prophetic Word to Dr. Michael A. Bonilla on December 31, 2013

I see a hook as He has taken you deep sea fishing and I see
prehistoric fish biting at the hook. Things that they thought has
been covered up and destroyed being revealed. I see the hand of the
Lord giving you a shovel and a pair of gloves and says to prepare to
get ready to make some travels in the seen and also in the unseen...
I will take you on trips and excursions some planned and some I
will give you a compass and coordinates. You will be in some level
as a chairman or one that they keep on a council board to give
recommendations. You will be called upon as a man of great
knowledge and respect in your field of expertise. I have called you
to go in and break the ice and remove the restrictions and allow
access to greater development. You will go in and cause the
breakthrough not only in Christian circles but also in business
and you will coordinate projects. I see those in leadership roles
contacting you to help them bring solutions to complex issues in
your area of expertise. I see you sitting on a chair in a room and
there is an open heaven above you… you speak things and the
things manifest out of that. The Lord wants you to understand the
access you have and the level of anointing that is upon you like is
awesome. He has put you in seasons of hiding and where no one
looked to be paying attention but that is done and you will see an
uptick from the most unlikely of people. Even places where you
have not contacted they will contact you and pull upon you.. Even
things that looked to be fizzled out from three years ago... plans
that seemed to have been made and they hit a wall and dropped off
unto the ground… not that any of it was your fault but that it was
not the timing.. There will be several resurrections and plans will
come full circle and things that will straighten out.

Uptick: fas·tid·i·ous                                                                           
1. a stock transaction at a price higher than that of the preceding
2. an increase or upturn; rise                                                             
Dr. Michael A. Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author