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Wednesday, January 13, 2011

Prophetic Word from the Lord…

Dear Michael, may our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bless you and keep you. As He brings
forth the reflection of those things in your past, the present and even those things that have
yet not taken place. It is clear that the Lord has use you in many different ways and you
have touched many lives and even though there are times that you find yourself as one that
might be considered a recluse, you are still making an impact on people wherever you go.
There seems to be a magnetic force around you that continues to draw people in your
direction but yet you need now to begin to see that there is a door open unto you to give you
opportunity to receive the sponsorship that is prevalent in order to continue the journey
that the Lord has you on. As you are one who knows that nothing is hidden that shall not
be revealed and as the Lord has placed this upon your heart from a long time ago and as
you continue to seek it out and search it out you feel as though maybe now things are not
as easy to be found as there have been many times; the walls have been shut the doors
board and the windows close, but now as I see there’s coming a change as it is someone
has come into your life that seemingly has very little to offer but yet they do have some
connections that will begin to prevail and make way for you to be able to continue the work
that the Lord has you doing. It has not been an easy task, and you have found yourself now
almost at a stagnation but this about to change. Therefore the Lord says use this time
wisely to do your preparation and investigation on where you going, what you are going to
do, how you are going to make your plans and the Lord says if you make your plans, I’ll
direct your steps and I will lead you right where you need to be and show you things you
thought you never would find that you would begin to see that there are many issues at
hand that are, are in the crosshairs of making proof, giving evidence of the things that you
already know in your heart but yet there is a demand for those things to be brought to the
secular eye that they may be able to say ok, you’re right and give in a bit, but yet there’s not
that evidence at hand as of yet but yeah, there is coming now that I see that the Lord will
place upon you that burden to begin to be pushed and you will feel that nudge coming that
will begin to push you and you will wonder why do you feel so enlightened so encouraged
to do such a thing when you feel as though as not even wise is not even (eh) good judgment
but knowing that what is pushing you is not yourself but yet the Holy Spirit and as the Lord
places an Angel on your path and is beginning to move you in a direction that will take you
where you need to be, you will find yourself becoming more and more sensitive to the Holy
Spirit and His directive as He uses His angel to show you things and reveal things to you
and even bring people into your path that will give you the opportunity to be able to find
that great breakthrough that will make all the difference in being known into one that is
well known; One that can be respected in many different areas secular as well as in
Christian circles as there are also those who need to have to investigate everything,
wanting to know if this is real or not with already the idea at hand that is not; and
therefore it is difficult to be able to change and persuade the mind of those who have
already have their minds made up of how things really are… therefore, you do have an
uphill battle at your hands but you will see that the Lord will give you the footing to be able
to climb that mountain and be able to come to the top of the situation and from there you
will be able to shout out your findings and your findings will prove, be proven to show
many and turn many minds and it will slowly begin to change and then eventually escalate
into bringing forth the recognition you deserve… so be it, Amen!
Dr. Michael A. Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author