There has been only one Superstar in the history of wrestling,
his name is Superstar Billy Graham, the only King of the Ring.
Just like Jacob as stated in Genesis, the first recorded wrestler,
as the angel of the Lord found out, God's man was a grappler.

Superstar was the man of the hour and the man with the power,
in the squared circle or out of the ring, just too sweet to be sour.
This flamboyant entertainer, who was truly ahead of his time,
such a remarkable career, he would achieve during his lifetime.

When the Superstar became the Wrestling Champion of the World,
he didn't know that one day his sculpted body would become so frail.
The effects of steroids in his body began to manifest in an unhealthy way,
realizing what he had done, repented before God when he began to pray.

As the Lord looked down from heaven and listened to his prayer,
would slowly restore his health and called him to be a demon slayer.
A warning to all you demons, principalities and princes of the air,
an awesome testimony and witness, the Superstar will surely declare!

Together with his beautiful wife Valerie, who's been always at his side,
what a tag-team combination, for no demon in hell could ever divide.
Such an honor and privilege to know this noble and spiritual warrior,
as the great Superstar acknowledges Jesus as his own Lord and Savior.
Excerpt from page 10...
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book signing event in Paramus,  New Jersey on  January 20th of 2006.
Dr. Michael A. Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author